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Looms produced by us

We produce high- and low-warp looms in widths ranging from 60 cm to 160 cm. The standard wood used by us is beech, which is extremely durable. The example image to the right shows our model "Stockholm."

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Looms by Glimåkra

The Swedish looms produced by Glimåkra are famous worldwide. They are manufactured from Scandinavian pine wood. To the right, the model Glimåkra "Standard" is displayed.

Looms by AVL

US-American company AVL produces high-quality looms in different widths. The company is well-known for its dobby looms, see example image.

Looms by Öxabäck

The Swedish looms produced by Öxabäck are sophisticated and usually feature an outer countermarch.

Weaving frames

In principle, weaving frames are small, two-shaft looms. In most cases, these frames are equipped with a weaving comb to create a shed. They are available in widths ranging from 40 to 100 cm.